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Concluding Thoughts About Using A Dildo Or Vibrator

Ignore the instructions – Often the creators of sex toys produce stimulators point G in pink or purple color, focusing on the female audience, while for men the black and blue colors are more used. Ignore gender stereotypes if you believe that a toy envisioned for the male anal use can become your original best friend-stimulant for Point G. You do not have to follow all the tips in using dildos or any other sex toys.

If you like stroking your clitoris with a textured vibrator with tight legs, then why should not you? Only by experimenting will you be able to determine what is most suitable for you and your dildo. What if you do not like it? – Do not panic if any of the techniques you do not like. Your body at certain times can react in completely different ways. Today, you are keen on stimulating the point G, and tomorrow it annoys you already. The main thing is do not despair and remember about creating an intimate atmosphere and warming up before sex.

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Perfect Gay Video Sex Giving The Perfect Training for the Ameteurs

In different poses, each of the above techniques will work in different ways. Perhaps you have already experimented with a partner in different positions and even using pillows, you found even postures. The same thing works with a dildo, when you use the most comfortable pose for the best self-satisfaction. If you have a tummy, short arms or lacks sufficient flexibility, then you may face some obstacles when it comes to games with a dildo. However, you should not allow this to stop you from looking for something that will work just for you. Nothing should stop you, just find your right posture. In the Gay Video Sex the best opportunities are there to get trained for the following:

  1. Lying on your back – Many people usually masturbate face to ceiling. Perhaps this position does not provide the best overview, but in this case, access is facilitated. Try pulling your knees to your chest to change the angle and provide more stimulation for Point G. You can also place a pillow under your hips or boot for easier access to the vagina.
  2. Face down – As an option you can lay on. In case you have long arms, then you can, with your hands behind your back, play with your dildo. You can put a pillow under your hips, in order to raise the buttocks as high as possible for a better angle.
  3. On the side – Lying on your side with your legs pressed together, you will feel that the dildo has increased in size. In this position it is much easier to masturbate than lying down face down. You can keep your legs even or bend at the knees.
  4. Sitting – We do not mean that you need to sit in a traditional position with your feet on the floor. You can also lean the naked on the wall, put it on the table to provide unlimited access to your dildo or vibrator. This position works great if you enjoy the picture on your screen.
  5. Riding the dildo – dildos on the sucker also offer a lot of options for their use. You can attach it to the wall in the shower to stimulate hands-free or lock it on a smooth table and saddle it from above. This also makes your hands free for clitoral stimulation.