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Factors such as which phase of your menstrual cycle you are in, stress, fatigue, illness and your personal level of arousal all affect how good or bad sex with dildo is. The same thing works for traditional sex. Experimenting with different methods and positions, switching to something more tender, if your cervix is too sensitive, you open new ways of enjoyment, and masturbation does not become routine and does not bother.

By these methods or new sex toys you can surprise your partner if they are acceptable to him. Having tried these tips, you will be able to explain in more detail to your partner how he can satisfy you as much as possible. Almost all of them work for a real male member. If you have a minute of free time, then you absolutely do not need anything else to get a lot of fun with your dildo. In order to control you the task in obtaining the highest degree of pleasure and our sex shop is working. We have a huge number of sex toys at affordable prices. Customers come back to us for new and new purchases. The use of the Gay Tinder app is important there.

Rules for the use of sex toys for anal sex

All anal sex toys are always used with a lubricant. In the anus area, no natural lubrication is produced, which means that additional moistening is necessary. You need to use professional lubricant, and not improvised means. Saliva, cream, petroleum jelly can cause irritation, cause the spread of infection. And substandard compounds can spoil a sex toy, shorten the period of its operation. Special lubricants can be bought with a stimulant.

  • Before the first use, the toy must be disinfected. And then wash after each use. Do not be lazy, clean up must be done immediately after removing the device. Do not leave this process for the morning or for another time. Remains of biological fluids remain on the surface, and microbes develop very rapidly in them. It is better to immediately clean the device to maintain its integrity.
  • Introducing anal toys can only be very accurate. With sudden movements, sphincter injuries are possible. The toy can be rotated, scrolled when immersed, so that it slips more easily. The correctness of the introduction can be controlled by the sensations of a person. There must be no pain.
  • Use for anal stimulation devices, for this not intended, very dangerous. Special anal sex toys are equipped with a limiter, they cannot go too deep. But not special items can accidentally slip inside. Do not get them without the help of doctors.

Games with temperature

The anal opening is very sensitive to temperature changes. Touching something hot or cold causes new sensations. And anal sex toys can be used for such experiments. Ideal for games with temperature fit metal, glass items. Metal keeps heat up to 20 minutes, glass – minutes 10-12.